Using Video to Grow Your Law Firm

Posted by BSG Team on Jan 27, 2016 10:30:00 AM

Using_Video_to_Grow.pngIn order for your law firm to be found online, you need to put information there that your prospective clients will find. That information has to be educational, informative, relevant, and useful, and it needs to be distinctive and representative about your firm’s brand.

Video marketing gives you exposure; an opportunity to create content that connects you to your ideal prospective clients. The more they know, like, and trust you the more likely they are to try, buy, and refer more of your services over time.

Here are five ways to use video to increase your Web presence and grow your law firm so that you can attract more clients, generate more referrals, and grow your law firm.

1.  Answer General Questions

You can use video to grow your law firm by answering general legal questions and by providing content that is relevant, timely, and utilizes the attorney as an expert in their practice area.

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world with more than 1 billion users and 300 hours of video uploaded every minute. One of the quickest and easiest ways to increase you online presence is to make videos that answer general questions, upload them to YouTube, and use an annotation to link back directly to your website.

Periscope is another great way to attract new clients. It is a live video-streaming app that reached one million users in its first 10 days. Lawyers can use this live-streaming app to answer general questions and communicate live with the viewers in real-time. The replays are available for 24 hours after the live event.

You can also answer common questions from All of the questions from this site come from real people and many of the questions could be like those from your prospective clients. Be sure to choose general topics. For example, “5 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Lawyer”.

2.  Add a Welcome Video to Your WebsiteWelcome_Video_for_Law_Firm.jpg

Videos are a great way to put a human face to your law firm. It is a great opportunity to connect with visitors and introduce members of your law firm. You may also want to include a brief 30-second review from a client as well. Endorsements from “real people” now carry more weight than traditional marketing messages.

Think of videos as a form of communication. When used strategically they will build trust, and make your firm an authority online.

3.  Use Webinars to Attract Clients

Incorporating webinars into your legal marketing activities creates unique, relevant content that can quickly gain popularity in the online community. Educational webinars can help your firm build authority online and are a great way to use video to market your business.

Firms should upload a copy of the webinar to YouTube, create a landing page, and offer the webinar as a replay.  Also, export the presentation into a PDF and upload it to SlideShare and include the YouTube video.

4.  Create an Educational Video Library on Your Website

Pick topics that help build trust, authority, and expert status in your practice area. You can search online for topics and keywords. Keep video topics from one to three minutes.

It is always a good idea to batch your tasks, so before recording videos, create a strategy so that you can record multiple videos during one session. If possible, record 10-20 videos and have your editor add an intro, title, and outro. Then your marketing team can distribute one video per week on your website.

5.  Add Videos to Your Social Media

Unlike other content, videos are not viewed as duplicate content; so one video can be distributed dozens of ways online. One 90-second video can be uploaded to your website, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and SlideShare. The video links can also be shared on Twitter and you can use Periscope to discuss content from the video. That is a lot of mileage out of one video.

You don’t have to limit video marketing to these five strategies. You should also announce your new videos in emails and newsletters providing links to your educational video library and YouTube channel. As with all marketing, be sure to measure your results; track engagement and the overall result for each campaign.

Before you build your video marketing strategy, we do recommend that you consult your state bar rules. Make sure that your marketing agency understands legal marketing. Lawyers cannot do everything online that traditional marketers recommend.

You can read more about the various ways to use video to grow your law firm here. Want to learn more about how to attract more clients, generate more referrals, and grow your law firm by building authority online? We can help. Contact us today.

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