Three Keyword Secret Weapons

Posted by BSG Team on Dec 9, 2015 11:30:00 AM

keywords.jpgA keyword is a word or phrase that is a topic of significance online. Searchers use keywords as a way to identify their problem or search for a topic of interest. Businesses need to create content around relevant topics to their business in order to succeed in this digital world.

 Keywords are the “key” to creating a smart SEO marketing platform.

Fortunately, it is possible to DIY your keyword research. Here are a few ways to gain insight into what keywords potential buyers, clients, and customers are using:

1.  Use Your People

Who are your people? Anyone who is familiar with your business, uses your product, purchases your goods… are your people. They are your customers, potential buyers, staff and loyal fans. Figure out what questions they’re asking. What are ‘hot topics’ or trends are they following? What are they searching for?

Customers' thought processes are very different from a company, so you need to think like a customer. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes – use the words and terms they would use, ask questions in the way they ask them.

2.  Get Social

Social media is amazing when you want to know what is trending and what your people are talking about. But how do you make social media work for you? Here is the breakdown:

Facebook: Check out Facebook’s Graph Search Tool, which allows you to search anything your connections might be talking about. There is also a Trending toolbar on the right side of the newsfeed that shows popular topics.

Twitter:  On the left sidebar of Twitter’s homepage, you can see trending topics; these can be tailored based on location and interest. You can also use Twitter’s Advance Search to look for trending topics, keywords, and of course #hashtags.

Google+: To see what people are talking about on Google+ just login to your account and head to the Google+ Trending page.  It works similarly to Facebook and Twitter.

YouTube: You can search the most popular videos and topics on YouTube using its Trends Dashboard. You can narrow in on trends by selecting a city, state, or country, an age group, and gender.

3.  Google Tools

Google has a whole suite of tools to help you get to the most out of keywords and phrases.

Google Trends allows you to look at Google’s database of searches by regions, categories, languages, and set the time and search properties.

Google Autocomplete is the tool that finishes your sentences for you. According to Google, “Autocomplete predictions are possible search terms … The search queries that you see as part of Autocomplete reflect what other people are searching for and the content of web pages.”

With any Google account you can access Google AdWords Keyword Planner. Enter a keyword and Google will populate search volume (how often it is used) and the competition of that word (how many people or businesses want to rank for that word). This tool lets you filter by language, location, and mobile or desktop use.

With a little bit of hard work you can harness the power of keywords and make them work for you and your company. Contact us if you need help or have any questions about keywords.

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