The “About Us" Page as Part of a Law Firm's Marketing Plan

Posted by Liza Rodriguez on Oct 26, 2015 3:13:42 PM


Many firms think of the “About Us” page as a throw-away page with useless filler designed to pad a website. But when done right, an “About Us” page can be a powerful part of a law firm’s marketing plan.

The main purpose of an “About Us“ page is to build trust. It is not just about what you do, it is about who you are, as a firm and as a brand. The “About Us“ page should show a more personal side of your firm. People don't want just a list of qualifications, they want to know that they can trust and work with you. The “About Us“ page should never be boring. Use it to show a lighter side of your law firm.

Mission Statement
Obviously, your mission statement should be unique. Not only do you want it to show potential clients the unique reasons they should work with you, you also want your mission statement to serve as a marketing tool. You want it to grab the attention of potential clients by using specific SEO keywords so they can find you and fall in love.

Talk about who you are
Don’t just talk about your qualifications, talk about your values and personal interests. Remember, you’re trying to build relationships and get people interested in working with you. Imagine you are sitting across from a potential client. What would you want them to know about you?

Share what you believe
Tell people about your beliefs and values. Talk about what motivated you to start the law firm or became a lawyer.

Charitable work
The “About Us“ page is a great place to show potential clients any charitable work you do. It humanizes your law firm and shows you care about your community.

Show off (just a little)
Now is the time to show off any awards your law firm has won. Also, talk about your team, their talents and what they have to offer. You should include a fun personal photo or two. You should also have individual portfolio pages if you have more than two lawyers working for your firm. Remember, this is all about potential clients getting to know and trust you. So don’t bog them down with statistics and long-winded details. Keep it simple and approachable.

Your current and past clients are some of your best resources. They already know and trust you, so have them write, or better yet, record a short testimonial.

Use a video
Online videos are an essential part any law firm’s marketing plan. Use a video on your “About Us“ page that talks about why you started the firm or your charitable work. Clips of any media coverage or interviews you have done also work well. Your videos should spark an emotional connection. Be sure to link videos to your company’s YouTube channel. YouTube is a superb way to market your law firm.

Social Media
Your “About Us“ page should have your firm’s Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/Google Plus links as well as your partners' professional social media links. This allows clients to connect on a more personal level.

Remember, an outstanding “About Us” page is a powerful marketing tool for any law firm.


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