On Storytelling

Posted by Liza Rodriguez on Feb 18, 2015 3:31:00 PM

Even in today’s digital age, modern brands must still be great storytellers in order to attract and influence consumers and their habits. The difference, however, is both brands and consumers are part of the exercise creating a multi-dimensional storytelling exchange.

157335003_compSuccessful brands use stories to collaborate with their consumers, as well as to educate and entertain them. Consumer-generated stories play a vital role in the identity of a modern brand. This is due to the consumers need to tell their own personal stories, as well as those that do not originate from within the brand. They desire to work together with brands as a means of shaping something bigger than they are, as a means of self-expression and personal participation.

A great story can exist across multiple channels and multiple formats. Not all channels have to relay an entire story and content shouldn’t be illustrated identically across all channels. The truth is, there storytelling-18642are significant advantages to revealing different components of a complex story across linked channels. Each channel’s distinctive strength is leveraged to include additional detail or different importance.

A brand’s presence in the marketplace is dependent on its ability to tell a single story with strength in each main narrative element. Most importantly is the creation of the “big idea,” which serves as the glue that connects and organizes the immense amount of creative assets into a lucid narrative that can help shape and define a brand’s desired outcome.  In short, the general purpose of a story is to relate the events on the surface while promoting common experiences at the core.


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