Inbound Marketing Study: HubSpot vs. Without

Posted by Michelle Lazarus on Apr 20, 2015 9:30:00 AM

Here at BSG, we believe in the power of marketing automation.  There are various reasons to employ it:  it saves time, it saves money and most importantly, it allows businesses to attract the right prospects.  There are many platforms out there but our favorite is HubSpot.  And it seems we’re not the only ones.

Marketing firm OverGo Studio did a study on 7 of their clients who use HubSpot, vs. 7 of their clients who did not. The results will knock your socks off - it's obvious that HubSpot not only streamlines marketing processes, but also helps to guide marketers' efforts by providing more accurate data. Below are the results in infographic format, or see the entire study by clicking HERE.


What do you think of HubSpot? What do you think of marketing automation in general? Sound off in the comments below.

Topics: Inbound marketing, HubSpot, Analytics, Effectiveness

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