Common Search Ad Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Posted by BSG Team on Jan 13, 2016 1:58:58 PM

Pay_Per_Click_PPC.jpgMarketers use search advertising in two ways: SEO and paid. SEO coupled with great content helps raise your company’s organic results while search ads put your message next to relevant search queries. Combining SEO, search ads and the right strategy can be a really powerful marketing strategy.

When it comes to search advertising, it's the little things that can have the biggest impact ­– the way you combine ads and inbound marketing, your landing page design, the metrics you're measuring, etc.  All these can mean the difference between success and failure.

To help you master search advertising faster we've compiled some of the most common mistakes we've seen marketers make:

Problem: Lack of AdWords experience.

Solution: Take the time to learn basic AdWords features and strategy before you get started. Ads are far more than just text. There are a huge variety of ads and you should be looking for what will appeal most to your customers. Check out this quick video to learn more: Learn the ABC’s of AdWords.


Hubspot_How_To_AdWords.pngProblem: Focusing too much on ads.

Solution: You should start with a great piece of content that you know is working and build out your campaign from there. Here is a great example from our partner Hubspot. (Just click on the image to the right.)


Problem: You’re not using an optimized landing page.

Solution: Build a mobile optimized landing page for your offer. A few quick ways to do this are to shorten the content and formatting the images for mobile. Be sure to keep forms short and digestible. And make sure to use keywords that align with your ad copy.


Problem: You have poor targeting.  

Solution: Build marketing personas to help define who it is you want to target. Create a clear path of action for the user with a compelling CTA.


Problem: You have poor keywords and quality score. 

Solution: Brainstorm a list of search queries and keywords. Google has a free Keyword Planner that lets you see different keyword options; it is helpful for building new campaigns or expanding existing ones.


Problem: You are measuring the wrong metrics.

Solution: Instead of focusing on just the basics like the click-through rate (CTR), focus on what happens after a click on your ad.  Pay attention to reach, engagement, lift-in-site visits and search activity, conversions, and ROI.  Cover all the angles for expert AdWords measurement.


Problem: Not using data to optimize your ads.

Solution: Always test and optimize. Use conversions data to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. Then repeat the cycle again and again. You should never stop testing and evaluating your data.


With 93% of B2B buyers beginning their search on Google building the right search ads are the key to your success.  

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