Black Stag Group Named Agency of Record for Liter of Light USA

Posted by BSG Team on Apr 29, 2015 12:55:59 PM

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Black Stag Group Wins New Nonprofit Client

Agency to manage communications efforts for Liter of Light USA


New York, NY – April 29th, 2015 – Black Stag Group today announced it is expanding its nonprofit communications practice.  The firm was selected to oversee and implement communications strategies for Liter of Light USA, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and an official chapter of Liter of Light, a global open source movement that provides ecologically sustainable and free-of-cost solar-powered light to communities that do not have access to electricity or cannot afford it. 

“We are beyond excited to be working with Liter of Light USA.  The organization has changed thousands of lives and we are proud that Black Stag Group will be able to assist them in changing thousands more,” said Danya Hejazeh, a founding partner at Black Stag Group.  “In a single 24-hour period, Liter of Light can make an entire community both brighter and safer.”

Liter of Light USA provides support to the larger Liter of Light foundation, which was started in the Philippines in 2011 by Illac Diaz.  The simple, two-step solution creates jobs, teaches green skills and empowers local communities. Beginning with a daylight solution using recycled plastic bottles, water, and bleach, the Liter of Light project provides zero-carbon solar light that cuts household electricity bills an average of $6/month. From these savings, lighting solutions can be upgraded for night with readily available parts.

"Liter of Light USA is committed to telling the story of 1 billion people in the world today that have limited or no access to light and electricity. By sharing their story, we hope to inspire a new generation of innovators and social activists in the United States. Liter of Light USA is excited to have the communications expertise of BSG as we work to end energy poverty," said Illac Diaz, founder of Liter of Light.

The organization has been recognized by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s Momentum for Change Initiative and is the recipient of the 2015 Zayed Future Energy Prize Non-Profit Organization category, which recognizes innovators around the world for their impact, innovation, leadership, and long-term vision. Most recently, the group received the 2014 – 2015 World Habit Award in recognition of the impact Liter of Light @ Night has had on global housing challenges.

The group aims to light up 1 million lives by the end of 2017.


About Liter of Light USA:

Liter of Light USA is committed to telling the story of the more than one billion people around the world who suffer from the debilitating effects of energy poverty. Our chapter supports the global work of Liter of Light while developing educational programs to promote engagement and awareness about energy poverty and the need for affordable, sustainable solutions around the world. Liter of Light USA is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization.


About Liter of Light:

Liter of Light is a non-profit organization committed to providing affordable, sustainable solar light to people with limited or no access to electricity. Through a network of partnerships around the world, Liter of Light volunteers teach marginalized communities how to use recycled plastic bottles and locally sourced materials to illuminate their homes, businesses and streets. Liter of Light has installed more than 350,000 bottle lights in more than 15 countries, and taught green skills to empower grassroots entrepreneurs at every stop. Liter of Light’s open source technology has been recognized by the UN and adopted for use in some UNHCR camps. Liter of Light is the proud recipient of the 2015 Zayed Future Energy Prize, and a winner of the 2014-2015 World Habitat Award. Learn more about how Liter of Light works and how you can get involved by visiting the website


About Black Stag Group:

Black Stag Group is a boutique marketing and communications firm based in New York City.  BSG was founded on the basis that small and medium-sized businesses can and should benefit from the same methods employed by the big players.  No matter how big or small a business, BSG helps clients develop brands, share services and engage customers across traditional and emerging marketing channels.



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