Back to the Basics: 15 Key PR Terms Defined

Posted by BSG Team on Jul 30, 2015 2:32:04 PM


We've already covered marketing and branding.  Now we're taking on PR in this Back to the Basics post.  Here are 15 key PR terms that will have you talking like a PR pro in no time. 



Angle: point, theme or focus of a news/feature story. 

Boilerplate: a short company description found at the end of a press release.

Circulation: the total number of copies of a print publication that is available for readers, whether through subscriptions or newsstands.

Earned Media:  publicity gained through "buzz" or word-of-mouth.

Embargo: the sharing of unannounced news with a media outlet that cannot be published before an agreed upon time and date. 

Exclusive: offering first-look information to a single media outlet. This information won’t be shared with other news organizations until after the first outlet has published/broadcast.

Evergreen: story/pitch/angle that is always relevant (can be pitched at anytime).

blog2Hit: media coverage.

Owned Media: publicity gained through brand-owned channels, such as social media, blogs or a company website.

Paid Media:  publicity gained through advertising – can be broadcast, print or online display.

11Pitch: a targeted note that is sent to an editor to gauge their interest in your client/story. 

Press Kit: a set of informational materials, such as press releases, fact sheets, photos and other press clippings, given to media outlets.  Provides background information about your client.

Press Release: an announcement about a new development, product, service or event that it sent to the media in hopes of garnering coverage.

Reach: a measure of the number of people that read/viewed a news story or other communication object. For example, a magazine with a circulation of 250,000 is a representation of its "reach.”

Wire Service: a paid distribution service for press releases.  Examples include PR Newswire and Businesswire.

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