Avoiding Compliance Challenges in Finance Content Marketing

Posted by Danya Hejazeh on Dec 18, 2014 10:20:19 AM

Finance content marketers are presently trying to negotiate a way to balance two very different, but equally heavy weights: the continuously changing media landscape and strict regulations.wall_street-300x222

There are ways to deal with these two equally important interests without losing your mind in the blurry haze of online compliance.

1. Involve legal and compliance teams during the preparation stages of your content marketing plan to help avoid unforeseen challenges and start creating a consistently balanced stream of content.

2. Produce content that is unrelated to finance. Articles that concern entrepreneurship, retirement, home ownership and other real-life challenges can help financial firms create a strong bond with their audiences by producing content with strong human interest factors. Besides, finances relate to every aspect of the consumer’s life. 

3. Source licensed content. These pieces of content are verified journalism from established third-party sources and are already legally compliant.  w1-Dedicate-staff_full

Most importantly, companies must adhere to the following efforts in order to better avoid compliance complications – Monitor your workforce, archive your records, enforce company policies regarding media content, and encourage sharing of pre-approved content.


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