Are You Marketing to Generation Z?

Posted by Michelle Lazarus on May 1, 2015 9:19:34 AM

What are you doing to reach the next wave of customers, the children of Generation X, known as Generation Z? This generation is used to accessing information themselves, without going to their parents. They've also nurtured a healthy cynicism and realism, growing up in the shadow of terrorism and a lack of privacy. Forbes offers these pointers on reaching this demanding audience:


Is your brand taking a risk?
Gen Zs consider taking risks an important part of life and mistakes as badges of honor. So why not have your brand show examples of bravery or invite brand fans to share their personal triumphs? These resilient consumers will pay more attention to brands that are innovative and take risks with their marketing and product innovations.

How has your brand overcome previous obstacles?
Teens expect to have failures in life before they succeed. Yet, they feel equipped to persevere because, from a young age, they’ve learned how to handle disappointment and even use it to their advantage. For brands, sharing stories of past challenges or obstacles overcome will make the brand more relatable, will impress consumers with their efforts to reinvent and improve and ultimately help to build deeper, more personal connections with this audience.

Is your brand being real with consumers?
Zs are savvy consumers who prefer to see “real” people to celebrities in campaigns. This generation is also used to getting hands on with products and conducts extensive research before buying, so finding a way to demonstrate actual product usage scenarios will succeed over presenting scripted dialogue filmed on a soundstage.

Are you sharing your brand’s best story?
To Gen Zs, failure builds character and when it comes to content or messages, Zs prefer narratives that have realistic endings that they can relate to and admire. These young fans revere average people who accomplish extraordinary things and have little interest in characters, brands, ads or content that promise perfection. To engage this savvy group of consumers, brands will need to reset traditional approaches for successful marketing initiatives to celebrate reality over perfection and practicality over fantasy.

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