Are Micro-Moments the New Battleground for Brands?

Posted by BSG Team on Jun 29, 2016 1:00:12 PM

mobile-devices-micro-moments.jpgWe recently shared some jaw-dropping facts that show just how big the mobile opportunity is for marketers. With 44% of Americans saying they couldn’t make it a day without their phone, our ever-increasing reliance on our mobile devices means that we are consuming media in different ways. Most notably, we have replaced periodic media sessions with many short bursts of digital activity throughout the day. As Google puts it, “The old model was a four-course meal in the same restaurant. Today’s is a series of constant bite sized snacks all over town.”

Google has coined the term micro-moments to define those instances when people reach for their phones.  Although some of those instances just entail making a call, sending a text or even checking the time, others are times when people turn reflexively to their devices to find exactly what they need.  Micro-moments occur when a person:

  • Wants to know
  • Wants to go
  • Wants to do
  • Wants to buy

Google believes micro-moments are the new battleground for brands as decisions are made and preferences are shaped in these “intent-rich” moments. Google says it sees them constantly across billions of monthly searches and billions of hours of video watched each month. These moments that matter equal a seismic shift for advertisers – they are more opportunities to both win or lose the hearts, minds and dollars of consumers. Here are some examples:

  • Of leisure travelers who are smartphone users, 69% search for travel ideas during spare moments, like when they're standing in line or waiting for the subway.
  • Of smartphone users, 91% look up information on their smartphones while in the middle of a task.
  • Of smartphone users, 82% consult their phones while they're standing in a store deciding which product to buy. One in 10 of those end up buying a different product than they had planned.

Our devices have trained us to expect brands to deliver instant gratification.  We want exactly what we are looking for when we are looking for it. And those companies that deliver quick, seamless, mobile-friendly experiences are going to have a leg up on the competition. Check out the graphic below or watch this video from Google for more information about micro-moments.


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