5 Easy Email Marketing Optimizations

Posted by Michelle Lazarus on Sep 18, 2015 2:15:14 PM

In the world of digital marketing, new social media platforms may be sexy, but email still packs a punch. Digital marketing research firm eMarketer reported on a survey that called email "a digital marketing workhorse." In the survey, marketers declared email the single most effective digital program for reaching all goals, including awareness (41%), acquisition (37%), conversion (42%) and retention (56%).

Even though email has been declared so effective, it is regularly misunderstood, and still often abused. So, here are five ways to improve your email campaigns to ensure peak performance.Email-marketing

  1. Give a compelling reason to subscribe. You may have the best information in the universe, a blog that could literally change the world and solve everyone's problems, but if you don't explain why it is the best, no one is going to care. When you interact with people via email, keep in mind that they need solutions to their own problems, and address their personal interests. Explain how your email subscription will add value. 

  2. Use a trustworthy email service provider. Good email service providers ensure that your emails get to the recipient's inbox. They will also provide ways to manage your subscriber list, supply attractive email templates or facilitate their creation, segmentation of email lists for improved targeting and analytics for post-campaign measurement.

  3. Use an irresistible subject line. You might have an outstanding email that is targeted and has actually made its way to into the perfect prospect's inbox. But they won't open it if the subject line is not compelling. Your potential customers get a ton of email every day, and the subject line is the most important way of convincing the recipient that it's worth their time to open your email. Here are some great tips for writing an excellent email subject line.

  4. Personalize. Always use the recipient's first name when addressing an email, and the return email address should be a personal address, instead of a faceless corporate one. When you share value-adding content from a personal email address on a regular basis, you reach a tipping point with your recipients, who will eventually see you as a trusted adviser with good information.
  5. Make the content easy to consume. You may craft an alluring subject line that impels people to open your email, but will they read it? People are time-pressed, and we're often looking for shortcuts and quick, bite-sized chunks of information. Keep your email short and skimmable to avoid boring your readers and reaching the point of tl;dr (too long; didn't read.) 

You can radically improve your email marketing by using these easy optimizations. In time, your subscriber list will grow and your readers and potential customers will gain trust in you and your company.


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