5 Crucial Steps for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Posted by Josh Bernstein, BSG Contributor on Jun 5, 2015 10:49:32 AM

Unknown-1-1It should surprise no one that email marketing has surpassed direct mail in terms of sheer volume. The reasons are obvious: email is cheaper, more measurable and better targeted than direct mail. Email marketing is an effective way to grow your contact database and foster your existing contacts for increased profits. Here are some helpful tips for a better understanding of an impactful and successful email campaign.

Know your audience and speak directly to them.

Lazily copying a campaign model from someone else will get you nowhere. Be aware of who your potential clients are and provide them with something they can use. Use any and all information you have gathered about your customers to personalize for them targeted, relevant messages. Each one of your target audiences should have a developed offer customized for them. Take the necessary time to promote a specific product or service to generate repeat business from existing customers, as well as finding ways to drive your product and message home to a new set of customers.

Write a great subject line and grab the reader’s attention quickly.

A solid email marketing campaign grabs the attention of the reader immediately, most often with a killer subject line. Besides, the subject line is the very first thing that your clients will see when they are poring over the emails in their inbox. The subject line should be simple and straight to the point. It should tell the reader what to expect inside. Personalizing the subject line to each recipient and including the name of your company is a tested method that encourages high rates of emails being opened, as opposed to being “spammed.”

templatesDirect customers to a purposeful landing page.

You’ve already succeeded if your customers have opened your email and read it. Now is not the time to have their interest fade! Instead of sending them to your homepage or a basic product listing page, you should be sending them to a purpose-built landing page, specifically designed to convert click-throughs into leads and ultimately, into sales. An email landing page should:

  • Only include content that is relevant to your email campaign
  • Mirror the headline on the landing page to your email campaign so customers can quickly evaluate the relevance of the page
  • Display the most important information where it is likely to be read (at the top and to the left) 
  • Ensure that the copy can be easily scanned
  • Make sure your call to action is clear and distinguished so that your audience knows what the next step(s) should be
  • Make your call to action clickable 

images-3-1Your message needs to be succinct and to the point.

Let’s face it… this is a challenge for everyone. Easy writing is the hardest type of writing. Investing in a great copywriter will undoubtedly strengthen your campaign. Hiring a strong writer—someone who is entrenched in the field and who has specific experience crafting effective copy—will ease the burden of having to write all the copy yourself.

Test your campaign before you click send.

Your message needs to be vetted, edited and tested many times before it is actually sent. Send test emails to yourself to get a sense of what the email will look like with the more popular email readers (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.). It will also help you to ensure that images aren’t broken and that the details of the email won’t lead any customers to mistake it for spam. The only way to find optimal combinations of copy, design, etc. is to test and keep track of different combinations. You must edit and re-edit until your specific message is 100% crystal clear. Keep track of these key elements when considering what to edit and refine:

  • Subject Line(s)
  • Style, tone and context of the copy
  • Font sizes, colors and formatting
  • Call(s) to action 

If you don’t have the time to construct an email campaign or if you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where your business stands, take advantage of these helpful tips and begin developing an effective email marketing campaign that will nurture leads and transform them into successful sales. And don’t forget that your email campaign can also be used to generate additional income from your existing customer base. It’s a win-win situation, so stop procrastinating and get started!


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