5 Crucial Elements of an Attorney Bio Page

Posted by BSG Team on Nov 6, 2015 1:55:30 PM

Gone are the days when a potential client would flip open the telephone book and finger through the yellow pages to find an attorney. Most potential clients will now begin and end their search for an attorney on-line. According to Hinge Research, 77% of law firm leads are generated online. And StellarSEO found that over 800,000 searches for attorneys were carried out online between October and November 2014.

Several studies have also shown that bio and about us pages are the most viewed pages on law firm websites. Given their popularity, bio pages should be a vital part of any law firm’s marketing strategy. Have you given your firm’s bio pages the attention they deserve? Here are five things every attorney’s bio page should have:

No. 1:  Character
Your bio page is not your resume. Potential clients are not interested in your law school GPA or your class rank. They are more interested in learning how you can help them and whether they can work with you. Potential clients want to know if you will listen to them and cooperate with them to reach their goals. Are you likeable, can they trust you?

No. 2:  Consistency
Your bio page should reflect your law firm’s brand. Your brand is more than just your law firm’s logo, it is what sets you apart from your competitors. And your bio page should reflect this. There should be coherence in the content and the look of your bio page. It should look like it is a part of a greater whole, and reflect the values and mission of the firm. This will help both you and the firm look professional and be memorable.

No. 3: Photos
A good engaging photo is key to any bio page. It needs to be professional, and it needs to draw potential clients. Take the time and money to get good shots. Smile, and be approachable. The goal is to be relaxed and professional at the same time and to avoid a stern, aloof appearance.

No. 4: Specifics
Don’t try to market yourself too broadly. You can’t be everything to everyone. Focus on what you do well. If you are too general, you may get lost in the barrage of information on the Internet. Think about your ideal client, and market yourself specifically towards him or her.

No. 5:  Personality/Humanity                                                                                                                                                                   Add an element of fun to your bio page—it’s your shot to prove you are not a robot. A good bio page breaks the standard lawyer mold. Make it a little fun and lighthearted—this is how you show your humanity. Social media has an important role to play in making human connections. YouTube videos and social media links allow clients to interact with you on a personal level. 

Your bio page should set you part from the competition. It should pull the reader in and keep them interested. If you haven’t taken a look at your bio page recently, we suggest you give it another read. Take some time to reevaluate it – a little facelift could help you attract more clients. You can also contact us if you’re not sure where to start.

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